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Who is a carer?

For many people who have caring responsibilities, the role doesn’t happen overnight and it is not a role that you choose to do.  It may be gradual, especially if the person who you provide care for is a loved one. 

For some carers, the care they provide may be a full-time commitment that requires them to give up their paid jobs.

You are a carer if:

  • you give up your time, without pay, to look after someone who couldn’t cope without your support
  • the person you look after is a family member, partner, friend, neighbour who is ill, frail, has a disability or substance dependency
  • you support the person you care for with things like, cooking, cleaning, helping to get dressed or emotional support

Support for carers

Being a carer can often be stressful, exhausting and socially isolating.  We know that during the pandemic, many people in Camden took on a new caring role while some existing carers took on additional caring responsibilities. 

We are aware of the increased pressure on carers and the effect it may be having on your mental wellbeing and physical health.

If you are a carer and have any worries or concerns, the Support for carers page provides details of support that is available, including online, phone, and out-of-hours support.

Contact Adult Social Care if you have any concerns about providing care.

Telephone: 020 7974 4000


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