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Covid-19 and caring for someone

If you provide unpaid care for a family member or friend who could not otherwise cope without your support, it is important to protect yourself and them, especially if they are over 75 or they are most vulnerable to Covid-19, such as having a weakened immune system.

As we learn to live with Covid-19, below are some ways you can keep yourself and loved ones safe:

Also, read government guidance on living safely with respiratory infections, including Covid-19.

Carers UK provide updated Covid-19 guidance for carers.

Unpaid carers and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

If you require PPE to provide care for someone with Covid-19, and you are not able to access PPE yourself, email and provide the following information so that we can process your request as quickly as possible:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your contact number
  • how much of each item is required: gloves (small, medium, large, extra large), surgical masks, aprons, eye protection, hand sanitiser.

Please note the guidance on what PPE an unpaid carer needs to wear in a number of scenarios has been superseded by general guidance for adult social care providers. The guidance may provide an indication of the PPE you need to wear depending on the support you are providing. 

Using PPE effectivelyPPE is only effective when it is put on and taken off properly, combined with good hand hygiene and other precautions such as avoiding touching your hands and face.

Once you have taken off the PPE, it should immediately be disposed of in sealed rubbish bags. These bags should be placed inside another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste. You should put it aside for at least 72 hours before being put in the usual household waste bin.

Public Health England have produced some training resources on using PPE:

What to do if you have symptoms of Covid-19

If you are caring for a person who is most vulnerable to Covid-19 and you are displaying symptoms of Covid-19, you should avoid physical contact with them. 

If alternative care is required, contact Adult Social Care on 020 7974 4000 (option 1) or email

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, you should order a free NHS Lateral Flow test to see if you have the virus.

For advice about Covid-19, including symptoms, testing, vaccination and staying at home, visit the NHS website

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