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Paying for care

Social care services provided by local authorities, including Camden Council, are not normally free. If you have a support plan for ongoing care and support, there may be a charge for the care.  Many people are required to make a financial contribution towards the cost of their care, while others with capital and savings of £23,250 or more will pay the full cost.

Will I have to pay to receive care?

Whether you are required to pay towards the cost of your care is based on your financial circumstances and Camden Adult Social Care will ask you to complete a financial assessment to work out if you will be required to make a contribution. 

Personal budget

If following a financial assessment, you are eligible for support for your care needs, Adult Social Care will calculate an amount of money that is needed to meet your social care needs.  This is called a personal budget.  Adult Social Care will give you as much choice and control as possible over how your personal budget is spent on services to meet your needs. 

Contact Adult Social Care Awards and Contributions Team for further information about paying for care

Telephone: 020 7974 1607


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