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Dementia and memory

Memory loss can disrupt daily life and may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.  Obtaining a proper diagnosis of dementia is vital as it helps to rule out other conditions with similar symptoms so that you receive the correct treatment options.  If you think that you, or someone you care for is suffering from memory loss please contact your GP to be referred for an assessment.

Camden Memory Service

Camden Memory Service provides advice and support for people who are worried about their memory. To access this service you should first speak to your GP who can refer you. After you are referred by your GP, the Camden Memory Service will phone you to talk about your concerns and treatment options.

Sometimes it can be a good idea to have a family member, friend or carer involved in the assessment. With your permission they can contact someone you trust for more information.

Currently, all assessments are carried out without face to face contact (telephone, Facebook or similar). If you are happy to wait for a face to face assessment you can be placed on a waiting list and can be seen at a later date.

If dementia is diagnosed, you along with your family or carers will be given information about the condition and the range of local services that can help to meet your needs.  For more information call the Camden Memory Service on 020 33317 6700.

Contact Camden Memory Service

Telephone: 020 3317 6584


Getting help from Adult Social Care

If you are diagnosed with dementia and you need practical support at home or with getting out and about, contact the Adult Social Care Access and Response Team on 020 7974 4000 (select option 1) and request a Care Act assessment to discuss your care and support needs. Visit the Care and support needs section to find out more.

The assessment is a discussion with Adult Social Care to work out what care and support arrangements you might need, based on what is important to you.

Other help and support available

If you receive a diagnosis there are some support options available in Camden. 

Age UK Camden run a Dementia Wellbeing  and Dementia Befriending service.  They are still able to take referrals during COVID-19.  Find out more about the service -  Alternatively, telephone Age UK Camden on 020 7239 0400.

Camden Carers Service are running an online Dementia Carers Groups and Older Carers Group – a one hour virtual coffee.  Find out more about activities such as the online groups - Alternatively, telephone Camden Carers Service on 020 7428 8950.

NHS website also provides information about dementia, such as understanding some of the signs of dementia and what we can all do to help with the dementia challenge -

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