Blind or visually impaired

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Sight loss can come in many different forms.  Some people are born with vision problems, whilst others lose all or some of their sight due to illness, accidents or growing older.  Whatever your type of sight loss, there may be devices and support available to help you retain or get back your independence. 

Checking your vision 

If you think you have any worries about your sight or eye health, visit your optician.  Your optician may decide to refer you on to your GP or a specialist NHS service for further tests – this may be an ophthalmology department or eye clinic.  They will be able to tell you the specifics of your eye health, nature of any vision loss and whether it is permanent.  If further treatment is required they will refer you on.   

Social care services for people who are blind or partially sighted

Once your doctor or the eye clinic has confirmed that your sight loss is permanent, they can refer you (or you can self-refer) to our sensory needs service.  Contact the Access and Response team by calling 020 7974 4000 or via Texmee.   

  • The sensory needs service supports people in Camden who are blind or partially sighted.
  • We start by looking at how your sensory loss affects your day-to-day life. We call this process an assessment.  It will be undertaken by a specialist visual impairment rehabilitation worker, who will be able to discuss with you different ways and equipment that will help you live more independently, including local support groups.
  • If this assessment shows that you have an eligible need, we may be able to provide you with services, for example by providing you with equipment, adaptations or rehabilitation training to help you manage daily tasks, read correspondence and find your way around.


If you find it hard to see things clearly, even after you’ve had your eyes tested and are wearing the right glasses or contact lenses, you may have low vision.  Your doctor, optician or Adult Social Care may refer you on to the Low Vision Centre in Camden who can help you make the most of your vision, e.g. through magnifiers and lighting.  This service is provided jointly with the assessment and support from the sensory needs service described above.

More information


We can provide information in a range of formats to support your needs. These include large print, braille, other languages as well as arrange British Sign Language interpreting where needed. If you would like to request information in an alternative format, please call 020 7974 4000 or email

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