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In Camden, wheelchairs are provided by the NHS Camden and Islington Wheelchair Service. If you have a long term physical disability that limits your mobility and you think you would benefit from having a wheelchair then please speak to your GP who can make a referral. Physiotherapists, community nurses and therapy assistants can also make a referral for you.

If you are known to Adult Social Care then they can also refer you to the wheelchair service.

Contact Adult Social Care Access and Response Team to be referred to the wheelchair service if you are known to Adult Social Care

Telephone: 020 7974 4000 (select option 1)

Email: [email protected]

Manual and powered wheelchair loans from the NHS are assessed by an Occupational Therapist.  If you wish, you can contact the wheelchair service directly for more information (e.g. for advice, or for a review).  Note that they will not provide a wheelchair unless you are already known to them, or unless they have received a referral from a health and social care professional.

The NHS Camden and Islington Wheelchair Service are available on

Telephone: 020 3317 5040

Email: [email protected]


If you live in Camden or Islington you may qualify to borrow a manual or electric wheelchair/scooter from ScootAbility.  You can find out more about ScootAbility and how to apply.


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