Do you need equipment to make things easier at home

Our equipment house can help you find all sorts of helpful equipment and technology. From gadgets to help turn your kitchen taps on and off, to a grab rails and special alarm clocks. Click on the house image below to take a look.

Do you have difficulties around the home? For example meals, washing, laundry?

Support to live at home

You can find information on personal care, Personal Assistants, equipment and technology to help you in the Living at home section.


How to get adult social care support

Do you have any concern about your safety at home?

Do you provide care for someone?

Are you feeling lonely or isolated?

It can be hard to admit that you are feeling lonely. However, loneliness is often caused by changes outside of our control, for example the onset of poor health or bereavement. It is important to recognise that feeling lonely is not your fault and that there are people who are ready to talk and offer support to you.

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