Learning and physical disability

 Learning disability

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Camden learning disability service (CLDS) works with people with learning disabilities in Camden. You can find out more by visiting the Camden learning disabilities service website.  If you have a learning disability, you can find out about the different services, activities and support you can access by looking at the Camden wiki website.

Find out more about Preparing for adult life.

Physical disability

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If you have a physical disability there is support available to help you live an independent and healthy life. There are plenty of things you can do to increase your independence. These include getting support to help you remain in your home for as long as you want or are able to. The Occupational Therapy service provided by Camden Council helps physical disabled or frail people of all ages to be as independent and safe as possible at home and out and about.  An occupational therapist will visit you in your home to evaluate activities you have difficulty with and may suggest different ways of doing the activities, or may recommend and provide access to products, aids or adaptations that can help you at home.  For more information visit the Equipment and technology to help you section of this website.

Travel and transport

If you find it difficult to get around, there are a number of travel options you can consider to make it easier for you. Visit the Travel and transport section for more information. 


For advice on claiming disability benefits visit the managing your money section of the website.


There are many sport activities for disabled people in Camden to try and also to develop their skills. For further information visit Camden Council’s Sport for people with disabilities web page. 


The National Key Scheme (NKS), or RADAR (Royal Association for Disability Rights) scheme provides disabled key holders with independent access to the toilets provided for them and increases the likelihood of the facilities being in a usable state. For further information and to apply for a key please visit Disability Rights UK

Wheelchairs and mobility aids

A wheelchair service is available to promote independence in carrying out daily activities. Wheelchairs are supplied to residents who are registered with a Camden GP. For more information go to the Wheelchairs section of the website or visit the Camden and Islington Wheelchair Service























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