Home maintenance and energy saving

Home maintenance and repairs

A well-maintained home can help you to stay in better health and avoid accidents, however keeping your home and garden well maintained can sometimes be difficult, especially as you get older or have a health or physical condition.  If you are struggling to keep up with jobs that need doing around the home and garden, you may be able to get help from some voluntary organisations for smaller jobs, but there may be a small charge or you might be asked for a donation. 

For larger jobs you may need to hire a tradesman. Always check previous work from testimonials, ratings on the internet or personal recommendations from family and friends. If you are worried about hiring someone you don't know, see the Keeping you safe section for helpful tips or visit Camden Trading Standards pages for further advice and to view their trade register of local tradesmen.  If you live in a Housing Association home or rent from a private landlord, they are responsible for keeping the home maintained and you should contact them directly for anything that needs doing. 

The Camden Police Safer Neighbourhood Team helps reduce the fear of crime by providing victims of burglary and violence with free help when it is most needed. They can fit locks, bolts, door chains and smoke alarms free of charge visit the Camden Council website for more information.  

Energy saving and keeping warm

The WISH Plus referral hub is a way for Camden residents to get access to a range of services. Wish Plus stands for Warmth, Income, Safety and Health. WISH Plus puts people in touch with the services they need after discussing these with them first.  Please be advised that this is not  an emergency call out service and some services do have eligibility criteria so they are not available to all. 

For more information visit the WISH Plus website.


You may also wish to register with the UK Power Network on the Priority Services Register. They will provide free additional help, support and advice during a power cut to pensioners, people with disabilities or health conditions and will keep you up to date via text.








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