Food and drink

Food and drink

There are some things that you can do for yourself to help you be as independent as possible when it comes to eating and drinking, shopping for food and preparing food. The following sections have some useful information:

  • Shopping for food
  • Preparing meals
  • Lunch clubs
  • Food delivered to your home


A healthy, balanced diet is important for good health, an active life and protection against illness. Eating well means enjoying your food, eating the right amount for your energy needs and having variety in your diet.

  • Aim to eat fruit and vegetables with every meal and try to keep salt, fat and sugar in your diet low.
  • By planning meals and sticking to a shopping list you can eat on a budget. You can also try shopping at Camden’s markets for fresh food. Visit the NHS Choices Eat4Cheap.


Shopping for food

Here are some things you can do to make life easier when shopping for food:

  • Ask the customer service desk at the supermarket for assistance.
  • Some supermarkets offer a delivery service for people who shop in store. (Check with your local supermarket if they offer this as there may be a minimum spend required or there could be delivery charges).
  • If travelling to the supermarket is difficult, see if a family member or friend is able to take you or consider using online shopping with a supermarket.
  • Further information about transport options can be also be found on Camden Accessible Transport Service web pages.


Food banks

The Camden Food bank provide parcels of food to families and to individuals in urgent need in Camden. There is also a list of food banks on the Feeding Camden website as well as information regarding how you could get involved in supporting or volunteering at a food bank and other organisations such as the Food Cycle which serves community meals.

Preparing meals

There are a variety of options you can consider when preparing meals:

  • You may have friends or relatives that can help you.
  • You could arrange to employ a care worker privately through a home care agency.
  • You could arrange to employ someone directly for example a personal assistant to support you. In order to this you can search the Camden PA register and Age UK Camden can offer you advice and support to employ a personal assistant.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty with eating and drinking, preparing food or shopping there may be equipment available to help you further information can be found in the minor equipment section.


Lunch clubs

If you'd like to get out and about and meet other people, there are a number of organisations that provide lunch clubs. What they provide and how much they charge varies, but prices usually range from £2.50 to £6. You can find details of the lunch clubs location, availability, dates and prices available in Camden in find services

Food delivered to your home

If you have difficulty in cooking, or want hot food delivered to your home, you can contact the following food delivery services. These services offer a wide range of food options however there are charges for these services so please check prices before ordering. 





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