Hate crime and mate crime

Hate Crime

Hate crime is a criminal offence.  Anyone can be a victim of hate crime, not just people from minority communities.

For further information about hate crime and how to how to report a hate crime please visit Camden Council's website. 

Mate Crime

Mate crime can happen in many different relationships. They are perpetrated by an individual or small group of individuals who are friends or befriend an often vulnerable and friendly person. These 'mates' then use your friendship to steal and take advantage of the trust you have in them.

  • A 'mate' may be a new friend, an old friend, a family member, a neighbour, a person paid to help you in your home or another person you meet and talk with on a regular basis.
  • Mate crime is always done by someone you know.
  • Read Friend or Fake, an the easy read guidance booklet on hate crime and mate crime.


All suspected mate crimes should be reported to the Police (telephone 101).

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