Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is harassment, alarm or distress to another person, not of the same household. Examples of anti-social behaviour include:

  • verbal abuse, 
  • harassment;
  • noise;
  • vandalism, graffiti and fly posting;
  • dumping rubbish, fly tipping and dog fouling;
  • alcohol related behaviour;
  • large groups using threatening or intimidating behaviour;
  • abandoned vehicles, illegal parking, joy riding;


If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour you might consider talking to the person involved who may not realise they are causing you distress. You should only do this if you feel safe and confident to do so. If the problem continues or worsens, or you are worried about confronting the person, you should contact the relevant agencies. 

Information about anti-social behaviour can be found on the Community safety  page of the Camden Council website, including how to report anti-social behaviour.

As a rule, the more serious or urgent a matter is, the more likely it is to be a job for the police. All crime should first be reported to the Police. The police will then contact other organisations if they need to.

The police can be contacted on 101, or if you have any information about criminal damage, graffiti or any other crime you can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously.  In an emergency always call 999.

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