Sheltered housing

There are a number of sheltered housing schemes in Camden. The aim of Sheltered Housing is to support older people to remain living independently in the community and to maintain a tenancy of their own.

Sheltered housing accommodation is a self-contained property with one or two bedrooms and a lounge, or a bed-sitting room, kitchen and bathroom facilities.

  • All sheltered housing schemes have a scheme manager to ensure the smooth running of the building and support the residents  where possible.
  • For added peace of mind, there is a 24 hour alarm service, run by Careline Telecare that enables residents to summon help in an emergency.
  • You can rent a sheltered housing flat either from the Council or from a local registered social landlord, also known as a housing association.


Support you can expect from a scheme manager:

The scheme manager's job is wide-ranging and aims to ensure you stay independent and have a good quality of life. The scheme manager will:

  • Provide support from Monday to Friday during office hours.
  • Assess your needs and agree a support plan with you. Review the support plan regularly. (You, your family or your carer can ask for a review at any time).
  • Help in emergencies, for example if you have a fall or are ill.
  • Assist with hospital or medical appointments.
  • Help with registering with a GP, dentist and other services.
  • Help with reporting repairs needed in your home.
  • Help with managing rent and advice about debts.
  • Assist with correspondence, such as form filling if needed.
  • Help and support with neighbour disputes.
  • Organise and promote social activities at the scheme or within your local area.
  • If you need support that the scheme manager cannot provide he or she will help you to find services that provide it.


Who can apply?

The sheltered housing service is available to people who:

  • Are eligible to join our housing register;
  • are living in unsuitable housing conditions or in accommodation that is difficult to get around in and which cannot be adapted;
  • are living in accommodation that is too large for your needs;
  • are homeless;
  • have care and support needs that cannot be met in your current home;
  • are aged 65 or over. If younger than 65, exceptions can be made if the applicant has a serious disability or medical condition.

Note: Applicants must meet all the criteria in order to be eligible for sheltered housing.

How do I apply for sheltered housing?

  • If you meet the criteria and would like to be considered for one of Camden's sheltered housing schemes, please call the Sheltered Housing Team directly and speak to Paula Rodrigues on 020 7974 1991 or email  Alternatively, phone Eva Menon on 020 794 4764 or email


More Information

  • If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria for sheltered housing or have a question about the application process, please email the Sheltered Housing team at
  • Or, you can call Contact Camden on 020 7974 4444.

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