Seaside & Country Homes

Seaside & Country Homes offers older tenants of London’s council homes and housing associations the opportunity to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The scheme helps around 150 households to move from London each year to bungalows or flats in desirable seaside and countryside locations. 

Some of those who have moved in the past chose to do so to be closer to family or friends. Others have sought out locations where they spent childhood holidays, or about which they have other happy memories. For many, the appeal lies in a quieter, more relaxed way of life, living among people of a similar age.

Which locations and properties are available?

Seaside & Country Homes have over 3,000 properties, mainly two bedroom bungalows and one and two bedroom flats. The properties are dotted all along the coast, from Cornwall in the south west to Norfolk and Lincolnshire in the east. There are also places available throughout the countryside, from Dorset to Cambridgeshire to Shropshire.

Many have private gardens or outdoor communal areas and are in peaceful, purpose-built developments. They are ideal for single people, couples or others who have retired or wish to do so.

Who’s eligible to participate in the scheme?

Seaside & Country Homes is open to people living in council or housing association homes in London where at least one member of the household is aged 60 or above.

Any members of the household who are under 60 years of age must be either the partner, joint tenant or registered carer of the lead applicant. Second applicants aged under 60 are not able to become joint tenants of, or have succession rights to, Seaside & Country Homes properties. Usually Seaside & Country Homes are only able to consider applications from two people, but they can consider a three-person household where the third person is a dependant relative or live-in carer. 

Applicants should have no rent arrears or history of anti-social behaviour, and should not be going through possession proceedings or being evicted.

Please click here to visit the Seaside & Country Homes website.

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