Keeping healthy

As you get older, you can stay healthy and well, by making the right choices and looking after yourself. Sometimes however you may experience health problems, or maybe you are already living with a long term health condition, such as diabetes. Getting the right advice and information will help you understand your condition and help you to look after yourself whatever your circumstances.

Even if you already have a health problem or disability there are things you can do to stay as healthy as possible and to remain as independent as possible.

The Camden Companion is a useful guide for older people in Camden who may not have access to online services. You’ll find details of the services available to help you live an independent and healthy life in Camden. 

You can also order a copy by emailing



Concerned about your weight?

If you are concerned about your weight you can check your BMI score below.  For more information visit the height and weight pages of the NHS website.

The following sections of this website may also be useful:

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