Activities in your local community

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Getting involved in local community groups and activities can help you stay healthy for longer, remain independent and enjoy life more.  It is a great way to socialise and meet new people and there are plenty of activities and groups you can join in with. 

You may be interested in taking up a new hobby, learning a skill, going to a class or trying something new.

Local magazines and communities may also have their own website which will have information about local clubs and activities, community meetings, local support and services, volunteering, issues affecting the local community and community facilities.

Community centres also offer activities and sometimes run lunch clubs.

Churches also have activities going on, visit your local church for detail of events being held.

The Events section of this website has more options to find local activities and events in Camden.  

Getting involved in some kind of exercise or sport is not only good for your physical and mental wellbeing, but can also really help with morale. It is also a good way of meeting people and making new friends. Further information on physical activity can found in Sports and leisure.

You can also search for activities and find things to do in your local community in Find services

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