Living with a vulnerable person

I live with a vulnerable person who may be at increased risk of COVID-19 illness

If you provide care for a person you live with and you become ill, it is understandable that it is very difficult to distance yourself from them altogether.

If at all possible, you should seek alternative care arrangements which mean you avoid coming into contact with the person you care for.

It is also important that you reduce your contact with people outside your household. You could see if there are neighbours, family or friends who might be able to help with household tasks such as shopping and collecting medication. Deliveries should be left at the door for you to collect without coming into contact with the person dropping them off. Consider online shopping if you can.

If you or the person you care for has underlying health conditions which become worse during or after the isolation period you should seek medical advice by contacting your GP or phoning 111.

For informal support, check out Mobilise - a group of carers who come together for an ‘online cuppa’. This is a chance to share concerns, practical tips and community support. 

If you have any urgent concerns about providing care please contact Adult Social Care via email at or phone: 020 7974 4000 (option 1).

Other steps you can take to protect a vulnerable person include:

  • Plan ahead and think about what you will need in order to be able to stay at home
  • Talk to your employer, friends and family to ask for their help to access the things you might need
  • Think about and plan how you can get access to food and other supplies such as medications that you will need during this period
  • If there are other people living in your home, stay at least two metres (about three steps) away from them whenever possible, use your own bathroom facilities if possible and sleep alone, if that is possible too
  • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, using soap and water each time.
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned regularly

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