Care arranged via a Direct Payment

I have personal assistants (PAs). What should I do if a PA is sick or self-isolating?

If any of your PAs are sick they should not be providing you with care.

In order to maintain your support in the event of your PAs being sick or self isolating you should urgently review your own contingency plans.  If you need support to do this then contact Personalisation Support in Camden. PSIC can be contacted by email:, or by telephone on 020 7383 4901 (option 1).

We are committed to ensuring that no one who receives a direct payment has to choose between purchasing support and paying their PA statutory sick pay (SSP). SSP rules have changed so people are entitled to pay from the first day they are sick. If you face this situation and do not have sufficient contingency funds, please contact PSIC.

We do not want to place any unnecessary barriers in your way to use your direct payment and understand that this is an exceptional time. PSIC can explore ways for you to use your DP creatively during this crisis.

If you cannot maintain the minimum level of support you need, please contact Adult Social Care by email:, or telephone on 020 7974 4000 (option 1).

I have symptoms, how can my PA protect themselves?

Public Health England have published  new advice for maintaining delivery of care in people’s homes. Provision of care and support in people’s home is a high priority service, in that most care and support cannot be deferred to another day without putting people at risk of harm. We are committed to ensuring that these vital services are prioritised.

There are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of transmission. This includes the care worker undertaking safe cleaning and washing practices and using personal protective equipment (PPE). Public Health England has published advice for people providing home care.

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