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If you or someone you care for has been assessed by social care services as needing care and support services you may have been offered a personal budget by the council and are considering taking a direct payment to manage this budget.

Direct payments are:

  • One way you can use to manage your personal budget
  • A cash amount based on the amount agreed in your personal budget so that you can arrange and pay for social care support instead of the council arranging services for you

You can only have a direct payment once you have had an assessment and the council agrees you are eligible for certain social care services.

Direct payments can be used to:

  • Employ your own staff to help with your personal care needs and running your home
  • Buy services from a social care provider
  • Maintain your relationships and social activities
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Get equipment for your home


Camden Council have a Direct Payments Policy and a Guide to Direct Payments, you can also find an Easy-read Guide of Direct Payments.

For further information and advice about direct payments and where to get help go to Managing your direct payments.

Direct payments pre-paid card

For information on how to get a Direct payments pre-paid card and how to use it, please visit our web page or download the Direct payments pre-paid Card leaflet..

Contact information

  • If you would like direct payments but you do not receive any support currently from the Council, then please contact the adult social care Access and Response team  020 7974 4000.
  • For accessible information on direct payments visit Camden Clickstart


Support organisations

Age UK Camden and Personalisation Support in Camden (PSiC) can help set up and support you with your direct payments:

  • If you are under 65 - Personalisation Support in Camden: Telephone: 020 7383 4901




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