If you own your home and have a spare room, you can be matched with a person looking for accommodation who can share your home, help you out and offer companionship.

What is Homeshare?

Homeshares are run by organisations that match people who would like assisted living in their own homes. Help or support around the house is provided to you by people who need accommodation, and are willing to be an extra helping hand around your home.

  • The programme helps older people to remain in their own home, keep their independence and feel more secure with live-in support.
  • Homesharers commit 10 hours per week to doing things like cooking, cleaning, shopping, help to access the computer or gardening, in exchange for having accommodation.
  • It is not a care service, but it can work alongside care services.


How safe is Homeshare?

  • There is a thorough referencing and checks (DBS) process.
  • Homesharers and householders are interviewed and a detailed assessment is produced.
  • A matching process includes introuduction visits and a trial period.
  • A written Homeshare agreement is produced between both parties.
  • On going support and monitoring is provided to both parties.
  • On going support and involvement from family and friends where necessary.
  • Homesharers are assessed carefully by the organisation.
  • Homeowners receive help and companionship at home.


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