Downsizing to a smaller home

There are times when older Council or Housing Association tenants find themselves in homes larger than they need, for example when their family has grown up and moved away. We can provide assistance to households who want to move to downsize to smaller homes.

We will work with older council tenants whose home is larger than they need to help them move to smaller homes that will be more appropriate for their needs.

The aims are:

  • Provide a timely, comprehensive, supportive and customer-focussed casework service to older tenants who may wish to move from a council tenancy that is larger than they require.
  • Provide proactive support to older under-occupiers who wish to move - for example by identifying suitable homes, bidding on your behalf, accompanying you on property viewings, arranging removals, utility reconnections and other moving activities.
  • Identify and addressing (through referral and/or signposting) support, equalities and social care needs of older under-occupiers.
  • Ensuring the older under-occupier is fully aware of the range of options available to them - such as bidding, mutual exchange, access to sheltered housing and other “retirement housing” options as applicable.


Please click here for more information on downsizing and the support available.