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Everyone who makes use of the services or products available from this site - either for their own benefit, or on behalf of somebody else - must first register as a user. If you know of other people who have registered as users, and you know either their e-mail address or the user name as it appears on the website, you can enter those details in this box to link your account to theirs, so that they can see, for example, what products and/or services you are interested in or are perhaps ordering on their behalf.

Select managed user:

Once a user has approved you to manage their account, you can select their name from the 'Select managed user' dropdown list and then begin using Your Life Your Choice Worcestershire on their behalf.

Manage shopping details:

When you order services or products from businesses or organisations you have found on this system, we call that 'shopping'. Products that you have ordered may not be for you personally, but may be for someone who is in your care. Alternatively, you may have organised a service (for example, a home visit from a physiotherapist) on behalf of someone you look after. As there is a cost associated with an order that you place on this site, invoices will be created. Entering an invoice address here ensures the bills are sent to the person who will be paying for the items or services ordered.

Update account details:

Account details: This choice allows you to make changes to the information we currently have on record, including your name and address, your home telephone number and your mobile number, if you have one.

Email or password: Select this option if you have changed your e-mail address, or you wish to create a new password for your account.

Managed accounts: You may have linked accounts with other users on the site. If so, you can click here to see the list of users you are linked with.

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