Admin - Add Admin User

Username: The new administrator you're creating will use this to login to the site, so make sure it is easy to remember.

Password: Whenever the new administrator wants to use the site in the future, they will need to login with this password as well as their username.
Password again: Retype your password carefully, exactly as you entered it in the box above.
Authority: Select the authority that you wish the new user to be an administrator for.
Title: Please choose from the drop-down menu of how the person prefers to be addressed. For example, do you like to be known as 'Mrs Brown' or 'Ms Brown'?
First name: This is where you should enter the first name of the new administrator. You may enter the initial letter if you prefer.
Last name: Enter the new administrator's surname in this box.
Email: Enter the email address of the new administrator to be created.
Work phone: Enter the person's work phone number.
Mobile phone: Enter the person's mobile phone number.


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