Thinking about how you use your living room

Are you unsteady on your feet and need help getting in and out of chairs?

If you are known to Adult Social Care, your worker will visit your home and have a chat with you about what’s important to you.  From the chat, it may be that there is assistive technology that could support you. If that’s the case, and if you agree, we can refer you to Careline who will be happy to carry out an assessment and determine which assistive technology might be right for you.  

If you are not known to Adult Social Care, you can self-refer to Careline. Contact Careline on 020 7974 1491 Option 4. 

Do you have limited strength or movement in your arms and legs, and need help with moving around your home?

You can be assessed by an occupational therapist about what’s important to you. They can observe what difficulties you are experiencing and consider solutions to these issues.  

Contact the Adult Social Care access and response team and request an OT assessment on 020 7974 4000 Option 1.

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