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What is a direct payment?

If you are in receipt of a direct payment and employ a Personal Assistant, read the latest guidance on the Direct payments and Personal Assistants page.

What is a direct payment?

An Easy read guide about direct payments during Covid-19 is available to download.

If you have or someone you care for has had a discussion with Adult Social Care about support needs and it looks like your needs may be longer-term, a support plan will be agreed and you may have been offered a personal budget. Direct payments are one way you can manage your personal budget. 

Direct payments are a cash amount based on what is your agreed personal budget so that you can arrange and pay for social care support instead of the council arranging services for you. You can only receive direct payments once you have had a discussion with Adult Social Care and it is agreed you are eligible for certain care services.

If you are aged 18 and over and have care and support needs because of a long term health condition, disability, or frailty, you can request a discussion (Care Act assessment) about your needs.

What can direct payments be used for? You can use direct payments to:

  • employ your own staff to help with your personal care needs and running your home
  • buy services from a social care provider
  • maintain your relationships and social activities
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • buy equipment for your home to enable you to live healthily and independently.

Managing your direct payments and monitoring the payments you are making

If you choose to receive your personal budget as direct payments you will need to decide how to manage them to ensure you stay in control of the payments.  This includes keeping a record of how you have used them.  Adult Social Care will discuss in detail the ways you can manage direct payments and give you lots of advice and information, and you can also get someone to help you manage them.

Camden Council has a direct payments policy that you can refer to for further information.

Further information

PSIC (Personalisation Support in Camden) provide support to users of Direct Payments in Camden

Telephone: 020 7383 4901



Carers UK have general information about direct payments

Telephone: 020 7378 4999



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