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Direct payments and Personal Assistants

If you currently receive a direct payment and employ your own personal assistant, a downloadable factsheet produced by Camden Council, updated on 16 December, contains useful information about what to do during the coronavirus pandemic.  If you are new to direct payments and would like to find out more about it, visit the What is a direct payment? page.

People who employ their own PA may be especially worried about coronavirus. Support is available from Personalisation Support in Camden (PSIC) who are continuing to deliver their services.

Contact Personalisation Support in Camden (PSIC) for information and advice about using direct payments

Telephone: 020 7383 4901 (option 1)



You can also contact Adult Social Care Access and Response Team and they will respond as quickly as possible to enquiries

Telephone: 020 7974 4000 (option 1)


Access to weekly Covid-19 testing for PAs from February

From 16 February, PAs (Personal Assistants) who are directly employed by an individual (or self-employed) to provide care to enable them to live as independently as possible are able to access weekly Covid-19 testing through NHS Test and Trace service.

The purpose of the weekly testing is to:

  • identify PAs who currently have Covid so they are able to self-isolate
  • protect others from infection, and
  • identify asymptomatic cases and prevent and control the spread of the virus.

Personal Assistants will be eligible for weekly testing if they provide care that requires them to come within 2 metres of an adult over the age of 18 who they support.

Personal Assistants will need to order test kits every 28 days – or an employer can order test kits for their Personal Assistant.

To find out more about the weekly Covid-19 testing for PAs:

PAs who are not employed by an agency and PPE

General information is available on the Personal Protective Equipment page.

Camden Council have produced an information sheet about PPE for PAs who are not employed through an agency.

If you are a PA who is not employed by an agency and you have difficulty sourcing PPE, contact Adult Social Care on Once your email has been received, Adult Social Care will contact you to discuss your requirements and confirm your order.  PPE will need to be picked up from the Council Offices or, if that is not possible, delivery can be arranged.

PAs employed via an agency and PPE

If a PA is employed via an agency it is the agency's responsibility for providing the PPE. Your home care agency will be able to order PPE through the PPE portal. However, any concerns remaining unresolved should be raised using this email address

Further information

Skills for Care provide information and support for people who work in the adult social care sector. 


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