Legal matters

There may come a time when you have to deal with legal matters and need legal advice. This can be very daunting but there is support available and places where you can go for legal advice and help, this can include anything from making a will to obtaining legal aid.

You may not be aware of your rights and where to go to for help. Or you may just want to make sure you're treated fairly and justly. Support is available to help you.

The introduction of the Care Act 2014 has meant changes to the care and support that you receive and your rights as a carer. These changes may affect you so it is important to understand what the Care Act means for you.

The council has a duty to involve you in any decisions about the care and support you receive. So you may find yourself in a position where you have to make decisions either for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.  Or you may want to plan ahead in case you are unable to make decisions in the future - this can be done through something called lasting power of attorney.

If you are living with a disability the Equality and Human Rights Commission offers information about your rights including education, employment, access to services and what the law says. Disability Rights UK is also a useful source of information.

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