Help with taking medication

Taking your medicine will always be your responsibility, so make sure your doctor knows if you have problems. They will be able to discuss ways to help you or provide your medicine in a way that makes it easier, for example as a liquid instead of a tablet.

If you still can't manage and need help and you receive home care services, you can ask if they can help.

Your care worker may help you during their visit, but only if there is no one else who can help and the following things have been done:

  • You have signed a form saying you agree
  • Your health or social care worker has said that you need help
  • Your care worker has had the proper training

If you don't have a care worker, or you need help at times when your care worker isn't visiting, you should tell your doctor or your nurse so that they can arrange the extra help you need.

The medicine must have been prescribed in your name. It must be available in the packaging it was originally dispensed in and have the label giving the instructions from your doctor or the pharmacist clearly visible